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How an Albuquerque Divorce Attorney Can Help You

Ending a marriage isn’t something two people think about once they have tied the knot. Many couples spend months or years trying to make things work out before they decide to file for divorce.

William J. Morgan, is a highly recommended divorce lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has helped numerous men and women file petitions to dissolve marriages. While it is never easy, a divorce can free you from issues and help you once again enjoy life.

Common New Mexico Divorce Filings

Marriages may end, but the responsibilities of parents live on forever. With this in mind, divorces in New Mexico could be as simple as an uncontested filing, or complex as collaborative divorces. Your situation dictates which dissolution route the we would file on your behalf.

In New Mexico, there are several distinct divorce types:

  • Uncontested divorces, which usually mean both parties agree a dissolution is merited. Property isn’t being disputed, finances are agreed upon and support will be provided to child(ren).
  • Contested divorce, where one or both parties dispute something. Common disputes happen around property, finances, debt, or placement of children.
  • Military divorces, similar to other divorces except it only takes one person actually living or stationed in New Mexico to file.
  • Collaborative divorce, which keeps most things out of court in lieu of mediation. Both parties must consent to this type of remediation, or it would revert to a contested filing.

Our law firm helps individuals – with or without children – navigate the painful process. We know the pain you’re experiencing, and will work hard to simplify the process so you can begin healing.

How Long Do Divorces Take in Albuquerque?

Unless the divorce is uncontested and no children, a lengthy process ensues. Here’s what people contemplating dissolving their marriage should expect:
  • Party files their petition to dissolve marriage.
  • Next, the other party files their answer (must be within 21 days if party was served in New Mexico, 30 days if outside)
  • Motion for Temporary Orders is filed, then heard by a commissioner.
  • After that, discovery begins. This is where evidence is presented, and depositions begin. Often the longest process in divorces, both parties may agree to bypass discovery and go to mediation.
  • Experts weigh in. They usually include of property appraisers, child advocates, social workers and other professionals. Again, this process is avoidable through arbitration.
  • Summary judgments narrow mountains of facts and interrogatories into several smaller paragraphs.
  • Finally, the trial commences.
For any divorce the courts needs at least of 90 days to finalize motions for dissolution of marriage.

Does My Case Qualify as ‘Uncontested’?

Like the term suggests, in an uncontested divorce, there are no disputes about assets, children or personal property. Everyone agrees that ‘he gets this, she gets that.’ In some cases, uncontested divorces happen when one simply walks away from everything. However, this is not common for people to up and leave when children are involved.

The Law Office of William J. Morgan will look over specifics about your case. If one sentence of your initial agreement isn’t to your liking, it becomes contested. For the court to accept your petition, divorces must be 100 percent uncontested.
Even if property and other assets have been split amicably, other issues must be ironed out. These include things like child care, support, alimony payments, debts and parenting time. We can work with the other person’s attorney to structure agreements everyone is comfortable with. This keeps the divorce uncontested.

Do-it-yourself divorce kits and ambiguous information lead to more expense and problems. This is the reason you should consulting with an Albuquerque experienced in uncontested divorces. Procedural errors stall filings. Avoid stalls and rejections with qualified legal counsel.

We will always be upfront and honest regarding how the process works. They will disclose the costs associated with filing uncontested divorce petitions, and what time frame to expect final dissolution paperwork. Generally speaking, it takes a minimum of 90 days before judges issue final orders.

Contact Your Divorce Lawyer in Albuquerque

Divorces can be difficult for everyone. Divorce is emotionally and financially draining on everyone. Plus, it is depressing for children to witness. When it comes to divorce, an uncontested divorce is best for everyone.

Are you ready to begin a new chapter in your life? Do you want to dissolve an unfulfilling, possibly toxic marriage? Do you have children involved, and would rather they remain in your care?

Contact the Law Office of William J. Morgan, an experienced and compassionate Albuquerque divorce attorney who cares.

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