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A smart person will talk to a lawyer as soon as there is a possibility that a divorce might occur. There really is no way around it. Unfortunately, a lot of times the lawyer will not see the case until the parties have already done things that are going to hurt their case.

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A divorce can be brutal. It is a mistake to go through it without knowing your rights.

Moving out and leaving the kids is a good way to make your custody case much tougher. Often times I see cases where it is clear that the other party has been secretly talking to counsel and setting their spouse up for a hard fall.

I once had a case where a spouse claimed they were disabled and then three months later sued for divorce and spousal support. I can’t be certain, but I think this person was just trying to create an issue to help them in the divorce.

You Need to Understand Your Rights and Learn Your Options

A divorce is often one of the most emotionally brutal events you will ever go through. It is a mistake to go through it without knowing your rights.

Done right, a divorce is something that unfolds to a plan. If you suspect your marriage is in trouble, I would urge you to contact an attorney and let them review your current situation.

You Need to Know What and What Not to Do

Many times I see cases where it is clear that one party has engaged the use of an attorney far in advance of the actual filing. Some simple things, like changing a child’s daycare to a location near where one of the parent’s work, could have a huge impact in a custody fight. The same concerns apply with someone who works odd hours that changes it to a normal 8-5 routine.

A lawyer can look at your situation and tell you your strengths, your weaknesses, and simple things to help you win your case. This planning also does not necessarily even mean that anyone files for divorce, it is simply reviewing your situation to make sure you are prepared for the worst.

You Need an Effective Divorce Lawyer

I believe that a party to a divorce should be looking for effective legal representation. At the beginning of a divorce many people look for someone who promises aggressive representation. Remember, if your attorney is aggressive you may end up paying for someone to argue about inconsequential household goods. And even further, if your attorney is aggressive, you will end up with a bigger legal bill. It is not at all clear that an aggressive lawyer will get you what you want.

Most divorces end up settling because one of the participants is tired of paying their lawyer.

Effective representation lets you know what the Court is likely to do, which gives the client a good idea of what is possible, and then gets you there in a practical way. Some of the bigger firms in Albuquerque will charge you over $1,000 for a simple hearing. Smarter people should choose their battles and allocated their resources to the fight where the outcome is important and there is a chance of success. Often times I am hired to replace someone who is tired of paying their lawyer to be aggressive and get nothing for it.

If you are ready for smart representation, please call me.