child custody attorney albuquerque

Telling the Court that you want a fifty/fifty timesharing schedule is a formula for disaster.

When it comes to child custody, the Family Court Judges in Albuquerque recognize the importance of their decisions when it comes to kids. My guess is that getting it right for the kids is the reason most of them choose to serve on the bench.

The Court is looking out for the “best interests” of the kids when they make their custody decisions. Unfortunately, when the amount of time that you have the child also impacts child support, both sides have an incentive to maximize their time with a child to improve their financial position.

Custody Disputes Need to be Argued to the Court in the Correct Way

Telling the Court that you want a fifty/fifty timesharing schedule or that you will “give up your rights, no child support,” as I have seen people do, is a formula for disaster. Similarly, arguing that custody should be modified in your favor when you are being hauled before the judge because you have not been paying your child support, is not usually an effective strategy either. Your arguments should always be centered around what is in the Children’s best interests.

Effective Representation Means Understanding the Law of Evidence

One of the largest roles I have as an attorney is explaining the rules of evidence to my clients. Only be understanding these rules can you get your best evidence before the judge. Many of the rules are extremely difficult to master. There are currently over 15 exceptions to the Hearsay Rule alone. I have seen people have great cases, but unfortunately, they lack the knowledge to get the evidence before the judge, so the judge can make a ruling on it.

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