child support

Child support calculations hold a number of traps for the unwary.

Child support in New Mexico is a deceptively complex area of law. It is typically a function of how much time you have the kids and your income, but a number of factors can come into play. These other factors are the cost of insurance, work-related daycare, and extra-ordinary educational expenses.

It is just commonly assumed that determining child support is easy or just math, however, there are a number of traps for the unwary! A lot of creativity and arguing can come into play in fixing child support. Crucially, there are cases where child support can lead to a change in custody – they are interrelated.

If You Want to Win at Child Support:

  1. Ask me about how the children from a prior relationship can help in your current case.
  2. Find out where expenses should be put on the child support worksheet to benefit you, and there is a correct answer way to do it to minimize your obligation.
  3. Make sure your math is done right, and find someone who really knows how to calculate child support.
  4. You need to be thinking about it before the litigation occurs. There are definitely things that can be done to maximize what you are paid or to limit what you owe.

Even Calculating Your Income Has Dangers.

Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED) is a large organization and most of its works is just fine. When it’s work is bad, it can be unbelievable. It is not uncommon to hear someone say that when I go in to talk to them I get a new caseworker every time and I have to re-explain the situation to each one. Lost documents and miscommunication are other common complaints. A lawyer has a huge advantage in that we can talk to CSED attorneys who usually can get things done. I can help you figure out the bureaucracy and get things done for you.  

If you are ready for smart representation, please call me.